Klarquist provides innovative and efficient e-discovery services to ensure quality results and a positive experience for clients. Our seasoned team of litigators and paralegals apply their decades-long complex litigation and e-discovery experience to technology that streamlines the discovery process and provides robust searching and review tools and capabilities.  This collaboration of technology and experience allows Klarquist to keep costs low and reduce e-discovery burdens, all while providing high quality, dependable document analysis and summaries.

Discovery can be costly, frustrating, and burdensome.  It is one of the most expensive parts of litigation and one of the most disruptive to the client and client employees.  Klarquist has been providing cost-effective e-discovery services to the firm’s litigation clients for over a decade, and now has expanded its services to work with other trial counsel to provide results-driven, cost-effective, and defensible e-discovery solutions.

Efficient and Effective E-Discovery

Collaboration with Trial Counsel

Klarquist collaborates with trial counsel to develop cost-effective and defensible e-discovery plans that decrease the burden on clients while increasing efficiency and accuracy. Our cost-effective techniques drastically reduce the time and expense of preparing and producing documents regardless of volume, allowing for more time and resources to be spent on the substance of the litigation.

Document Collection, Production, and Hosting

Klarquist collects, images, processes, produces, and hosts data.  We work with trial counsel to understand the scope of documents to be collected and to determine responsiveness of documents; then we collect, review, and produce clients’ documents.  Klarquist also hosts opposing document productions and works with trial counsel to provide summaries of opposing parties’ productions.

Document Review and Analysis

Using a combination of robust searching and review tools and experienced litigators, Klarquist provides first-level document review of both client documents and opposing productions.  Klarquist analyzes the data to determine false positives, develop accurate search terms, and group similar documents together, thereby minimizing inefficient review and over collection of documents and emails.

Document Production Summaries

Klarquist provides production summaries and analysis, and tracks productions to ensure efficiencies for the trial team.