Klarquist professionals have the real-world experience and expertise necessary to offer practical, business-oriented solutions for managing clients’ intellectual property needs in virtually any area of technology and science. If you have a legal need relating to intellectual property matters, we can help.

Experienced Attorneys Providing Effective Counseling in All Areas of IP and Technology Law

If you have a problem or question relating to intellectual property or technology law, chances are we can help. Our attorneys have decades of experience advising all sizes of clients on issues relating to patents, trademarks, copyrights, IP disputes, licensing, and more. Below are just some of the services we provide:

  • Patent Procurement, Portfolio Management, and Strategies
    Advice and guidance in patent strategies, including patent prosecution in the United States and elsewhere and other offensive strategies that strengthen our client’s intellectual property positions, as well as defensive strategies to help them defend against or avoid the patent rights of others. SeePatents” and “Post-Grant USPTO Proceedings” services for more information.
  • Trademark Prosecution and Counseling
    Advice and guidance in trademark and branding strategies, including trademark registration and other offensive strategies that strengthen our client’s intellectual property positions and defensive strategies to help them defend against or avoid the intellectual property rights of others. SeeTrademarks” services for more information.
  • Trade Secrets
    Counseling on all trade secret matters, including advice and guidance on maintaining trade secrets and representation in trade secret disputes at all levels (e.g., obtaining or defending against temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunction). SeeLitigation” services for more information.
  • Copyrights
    Advice and guidance on copyright and copyright-related matters, including counseling relating to copyright registration, assignments of and licensing of copyrights, and copyright disputes of all types, including matters involving copyright infringement online. Since copyright issues are often simplified when addressed prior to the creation of a copyrightable work, the firm prefers to advise clients at an early stage to provide them with the most benefit. SeeCopyrights” services for more information.
  • Litigation, Pre-suit Investigations, and Dispute Resolutions
    Our experienced litigators provide effective and efficient representation in the courtroom, but we also believe the results that best-serve our clients are achieved outside the courtroom. That is why we actively counsel our clients on how best to avoid potential intellectual property disputes. If litigation is desired or unavoidable, however, we zealously advocate for our clients to obtain the best result possible. SeeLitigation” services for more information.
  • Licensing, Technology Transfer Services, and Due Diligence on IP
    We represent clients in all facets of IP licensing and technology transfer, including analyzing and assessing the ownership and scope of intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets, and related technology), and providing strategy and guidance to our clients on licensing and IP contract issues. We also provide counseling on IP aspects of corporate acquisitions and other transactions, and due diligence review on patents and other IP portfolios. Our licensing and technology transfer clients range from universities and research firms, to solo inventors and mid-size companies, to some of the largest, most prestigious companies and research groups in the world.
  • Product Clearance Opinions
    We provide advice and guidance on patent infringement issues concerning products our clients may contemplate introducing to the marketplace, or concerning products that may have been accused of infringement.
  • Corporate IP Guidance
    Although IP counsel is critical for most companies, many have neither the budget nor the need for full-time in-house IP counsel. To bridge this gap, Klarquist offers IP counseling tailored to your company’s needs, at a reasonable costs. For example, the firm can advise corporate clients on how to set up invention disclosures and other in-house procedures to identify and enhance the clients’ intellectual property assets. The firm also advises clients on establishing procedures for identifying and responding to claims or potential claims for patent, trademark, trade dress, or copyright infringement. For companies with more regular needs (but not enough to justify a full-time in-house counsel), we establish reasonable fixed fees and support the company on a weekly or monthly basis as needed. This go-to arrangement provides companies critical day-to-day IP guidance, at an affordable – and predictable – cost, while minimizing the distraction to management and employees as IP issues arise. Our attorneys work closely with companies to understand their businesses and provide efficient, high-quality IP legal advice to management at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time attorneys.

For more information about Klarquist’s IP Counseling Services, please contact one of the attorneys identified above under Contacts or explore the biographies of the Team Members in this practice group.