Klarquist counsels clients on copyright matters, including issues relating to copyright registration, licensing and assignments of copyrights, and navigating copyright disputes.

In general, copyrights automatically exist following fixation of a work in tangible form. The copyright focus is often on taking steps to assist a client in obtaining or verifying that the client has sufficient licensed rights or ownership rights to enable the client to proceed with its intended activities. Also, counseling concerning the use of a proper copyright notice and registration to enhance copyright rights is an important aspect of our copyright practice.

The firm assists clients in obtaining registrations for their works and in obtaining assignments of and licensing rights to copyrights. The firm is also experienced in litigating copyright disputes, including matters involving copyright infringement online. Copyright issues are often simplified if they are addressed prior to the creation of a copyrightable work. The firm prefers to advise clients at an early stage to provide them with the most benefit.

Our copyright professionals can help you protect the following types of works:

  • Architectural
  • Dramatic, including any accompanying music
  • Literary
  • Audial, including sound recordings
  • Audiovisual, including motion pictures
  • Musical, including any accompanying words
  • Choreographic
  • Pictorial, graphic, and sculptural

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