IPR Success for Client SAP

Published December 10, 2021

Klarquist’s post-grant team notched wins on both sides of the v. for client SAP, against its rival Teradata. Defending a patent owned by SAP, Klarquist secured a final written decision upholding all challenged claims of USP 7,617,179. Klarquist had previously secured victories on three other SAP patents, when the Board denied institution of IPRs sought by Teradata in late 2020. These patent owner successes allowed SAP to continue asserting these patents against Teradata in district court litigation. On the petitioner side, Klarquist successfully petitioned for IPR against two Teradata patents that had been asserted against SAP in litigation. Ultimately, these PTAB victories, along with other client victories in the parallel litigations, led to a global resolution favorable to our client.

Klarquist attorneys Andrew M. Mason, Todd M. Siegel, Derrick W. Toddy, Gregory L. Maurer, Ryan A. Heck, Ph.D., John D. Vandenberg, Tucker Mottl, and Caroline L. Desmond represented SAP in these matters.