AOL Inc v. Coho Licensing, Paper 12, No. IPR2014-00771 (24 March 2015) – Informative

AOL Inc. and Cloudera, Inc. (“Petitioner”) filed a request for rehearing titled “Petitioner’s Request for Rehearing by an Expanded Panel Pursuant to 37 C.F.R. §§ 42.71(C)-(D).” Paper 11 (“Req. for Reh’g”). In that request, Petitioner asserts that a dissent from the denial of institution strongly favors rehearing, and an expanded panel. Req. for Reh’g 2. Petitioner also argues the panel misapprehended that Spawn’s1 entire premise is to “provide a solution” for allocation of tasks. Id.
Petitioner’s request that an expanded panel be allocated to deciding the merits of the request for rehearing is improper, and we determine that we did not misapprehend the matters alleged in the request for rehearing.

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