Klarquist recognizes that not all clients are the same. To accommodate the different business goals and needs of our clients, Klarquist offers alternatives to traditional hourly fee engagements. Some exemplary alternative fee arrangements are discussed below.


Fixed Fee Litigation

In fixed fee arrangements, Klarquist handles a client matter, or group of client matters, for an agreed-upon, pre-specified cost, i.e., a “fixed fee.” The fee can be paid up front or, more commonly, over a series of monthly installments. This fee structure allows clients to accurately predict, and budget for, the cost of litigation. Fixed fee arrangements might also include bonuses for early and favorable case outcomes, or other targets.


Contingent Fee Litigation

In contingent fee arrangements, Klarquist agrees to represent a client as a plaintiff in a lawsuit for an agreed-upon percentage of any recoveries in the lawsuit. In a “pure” contingency fee arrangement, the client pays only for the expenses of the litigation (e.g., court fees and expert fees) and does not pay for any portion of the legal fees. “Partial” contingency fee arrangements combine traditional hourly or fixed fee billing and contingent fee arrangements, with the client paying a heavily discounted hourly rate or fixed fee plus a smaller percentage of any recoveries made in the litigation. Pure and partial contingent fee arrangements can be very desirable for individual inventors or corporations that have valuable patents but a limited budget to enforce their intellectual property rights.


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