Federal Circuit Affirms “Patent Claim Indefiniteness Invalidity” Victory for Mentor Graphics

Published March 6, 2020

The Federal Circuit on March 6, 2020, affirmed Klarquist’s prior win in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, for client Mentor Graphics Corp. against the plaintiff E-System Design, Inc. The district court had held the asserted patent claims invalid for “indefiniteness” under the Supreme Court’s 2014 Nautilus decision (also argued by Klarquist). Specifically, the court ruled that each patent claim was internally inconsistent. Read more about the December 2018 district court decision.

Mentor Graphics is represented by in-house counsel Tom Evans and Frank Nuzzi; Kristin L. Cleveland, Sarah Jelsema, Salumeh R. Loesch, John D. Vandenberg, Mark W. Wilson and Garth A. Winn of KLARQUIST SPARKMAN, LLP (Portland, OR); and Megan S. Woodworth and Frank C. Cimino of VENABLE, LLP (Washington, D.C.).