Alexa M. Johnston


Portland Office



Alexa’s practice includes all areas of intellectual property law, with a focus on the preparation and prosecution of patent applications.

Alexa represents a broad range of clients and industries, including mechanical and electromechanical devices, medical devices and related delivery systems, laboratory and diagnostic equipment, processes and manufacturing equipment, and consumer products. While attending law school, Alexa worked as a summer associate at Klarquist and as a patent intern at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Prior to law school, Alexa worked as a process engineering intern for a chemical resins company in Portland, Oregon and for a winery in Modesto, California. During her time with both companies, Alexa implemented projects for increasing the production and efficiency of the mechanical processes.

With a strong basis in intellectual property law and an enduring enthusiasm for learning, Alexa delivers effective and efficient services to her clients. With an awareness that each client is unique, Alexa strives to represent her clients with personalized, creative, and practical solutions.

Alexa joined Klarquist as a summer associate in 2015 and as an associate in 2017.

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