Erika Kretzmer

Patent Agent

Portland Office


Erika is a patent agent in the firm’s Computer Science group. Prior to joining Klarquist, Erika was a Patent Examiner at the USPTO, where she specialized in patents for software development, including compilers, programming languages, software testing, and inter-process communication. Erika has also worked as a computer programmer, using Oracle database tools, IBM midframe computers, Java, Perl, and Python.

Erika earned her Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University, where she studied critical periods in neural development. She published her research in Science, the top U.S. science journal. Her previous laboratory research included electron and light microscopy, implantable electrical devices (cochlear implant), and image data processing. Erika’s previous lab experience was in a molecular biology lab, where she managed to keep a few cell lines alive and learned recombinant DNA techniques.

Erika joined Klarquist in 2022.

Professional Experience

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