Cory A. Jones

Senior Counsel

Portland Office



Cory focuses primarily on assisting in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications with an emphasis on computer and software-related fields. He has more than a decade of experience preparing and prosecuting patent applications in the software field, encompassing mobile device technologies (including operating system features and built-in apps, handwriting recognition, and file systems), networking technologies (including network protocols, routing, and wired and wireless networking such as Wi-Fi), and user interface technologies (including graphical user interface features and touch and ink gestures).

Cory has extensive professional experience in the computer industry. His experience includes, for example, software development utilizing various languages (C, Objective C, ASP, Java, PHP, etc.), Web development, e-commerce development, database design and development, various Internet and networking technologies, and artificial intelligence.

Cory joined Klarquist in 2004 as a patent agent and became partner in 2013.

Practice Areas

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