Adenike Adebiyi

Patent Agent

Portland Office


Adenike has more than 22 years of experience preparing and prosecuting patent applications in a variety of technical areas and is well versed in filing strategies for US, PCT, and national phase patent applications. She has particular expertise in optics and the complex mechanical technologies involved in smart devices. As a patent agent at a Canadian startup later acquired by Google, Adenike focused almost exclusively on drafting patent applications for the company’s smart glasses product, which involved working with eye tracking algorithms and hardware. Adenike has successfully trained engineers in patent drafting and worked with IP teams to identify inventions and direct creative IP strategy to protect them for years to come.

In addition to her technical and strategic expertise, Adenike is an accomplished entrepreneur. She founded and directed her own private patent practice for more than 16 years, where she handled a sizable patent portfolio for a large pharmaceutical and medical systems company, among others. She has earned certificates related to innovation, entrepreneurship, and industry disruption from Harvard Business School Online. Adenike is also passionate about furthering her technical education to better assist her clients: She has taken advanced coursework in machine learning, modeling, and simulation principles and is working toward a master’s degree in computer and information technology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Adenike joined Klarquist as a patent agent in December 2020.

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