Video Release: Patent Law and the Meaning of Life

Published April 23, 2018

We are pleased to announce that our patent research tool, Patent Defenses, is now available in a searchable online and mobile-friendly format at www.patentdefenses.com.

Below is a short video (starring children of Klarquist attorneys) introducing the Patent Defenses website.

About Patent Defenses
Patent Defenses summarizes substantive defenses to assertions of infringement of U.S. utility patents, with links to all cited Fed. Cir. and S. Ct. decisions. Since 2004, we’ve continuously updated Patent Defenses as new Federal Circuit and Supreme Court decisions issue. Although prepared by a law firm, Patent Defenses does not constitute and is not a substitute for competent patent law advice from competent patent professionals. Among other things, the variability of the kinds of inventions to which patent law can apply and the different circumstances in which inventions are made and infringement claims are brought prevent any overview or analysis that would cover any and all specific circumstances. In addition, and even though we seek to update this website on a roughly weekly basis, we necessarily cannot cover all related developments on all issues. We seek instead to provide information that we hope will be useful as a starting point for thinking about issues relating to defenses against U.S. patent infringement claims.

Although Patent Defenses is available to the public, some areas are available only to clients of the firm. If you are a client of the firm and would like access to the redacted confidential areas, please contact businessdevelopment@klarquist.com.

About Klarquist
Klarquist is an intellectual property boutique law firm with its main office in Portland, Oregon. Founded more than 75 years ago, our firm has more than 55 professionals dedicated to intellectual property matters. Our patent prosecutors and litigators have deep technical knowledge in a wide range of technologies, and our focus on intellectual property matters sets us apart from other firms.

We counsel international and domestic clients in all facets of intellectual property law for both prosecution and litigation matters. Klarquist represents a broad range of clients – solo inventors, mid-size companies, universities, governmental agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.