Patent Defenses Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Published January 3, 2024

Today, Klarquist is proud to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Patent Defenses, an initiative started by our patent litigation team. Patent Defenses began in 2004 with the goal to efficiently share substantive law and litigation strategies. Over the years, Klarquist began sharing it periodically with selected in-house counsel, via Word versions. As it grew more comprehensive, we transitioned it online, implementing password protected strategy tips to ensure exclusive access for our valued clients.

Both clients and outside counsel have acknowledged the value and contribution of Patent Defenses over the past two decades. Today, Patent Defenses is available through our user-friendly mobile app and Twitter. It continues to make Klarquist attorneys more efficient, while also hopefully in some small way, contributing to the practice of patent law more broadly. As we honor its twenty years in the making, we are excited about the continued evolution of Patent Defenses.