Klarquist Ranked Among Top 10 Firms for Overcoming Sec. 101 Rejections

By Deakin T. Lauer Published August 24, 2017

Klarquist Sparkman has been ranked among the Top Firms for Handling Mayo/Myriad Rejections by Juristat, an intellectual property consulting firm. Since the Supreme Court decisions of Mayo, Myriad, and Alice, the percentage of § 101 rejections made in biotech, pharma, and other life sciences applications have been steadily rising. According to Juristat, the percentage of these patent applications that encounter § 101 rejections have increased from 4.9% in 2012 to 15.7% today, with about 37% of these rejections occurring in Technology Center 1600, which handles the bulk of the applications in these technologies.

Compared to other firms, Klarquist has done remarkably well overcoming Mayo/Myriad rejections according to Juristat’s findings. Klarquist was the only firm based in the Pacific Northwest to be ranked among the top 10 firms. To be eligible for inclusion, each firm must have had a minimum of 50 disposed applications with at least one § 101 rejection that cited either Mayo or Myriad. Click here to view the full Juristat report.