Klarquist Posts “Patent Defenses” Litigation Training Document

Published June 30, 2015

Klarquist today published a 145-page public version of our internal “Patent Defenses” patent litigation training document, available at www.klarquist.com/patent-defenses and at www.patentdefenses.com.

Patent Defenses includes a litigator’s analysis and organization of several hundred hyperlinked Supreme Court, Federal Circuit (mostly since 2004), CCPA, and BPAI/PTAB decisions on patent claim construction, patent infringement, willful infringement, patent invalidity, inequitable conduct, patent exhaustion, laches, patent misuse, patent damages, injunctions, attorney fees, and more. It does not address most procedural issues, such as venue or transfer.

Our patent litigation group has maintained Patent Defenses since 2004 to reflect new appellate decisions on substantive patent defenses as they issue, with limited later editing. This public version excludes internal strategic practice tips. The document is not designed to be complete, even-handed, or even reliable, and does not represent the views of the firm or any of its clients. That said, its organization, analyses and hyperlinks to nearly all of the significant appellate cases on substantive patent defenses since 2004, may be useful to patent prosecutors, patent litigators, law students, and others as a handy starting point for research. It will be updated on a roughly weekly basis.

Thanks to Elizabeth Super and Marla Beier for helping maintain this document over the years.

Feedback is welcome at patentdefenses@klarquist.com.