Oregon identified as one of the most innovative states

By Deakin T. Lauer Published October 4, 2018

In a recent study of publicly-available patent data, Oregon has been identified as one of most innovative states. In celebration of the issuance of the 10 millionth patent, Kempler, an Illinois company, released a study in June 2018 titled “Innovation Around the World.”  According to the study, over the last five years, Oregon ranked 6th per capita in issued patents and 1st in both design and plant patents. The study also ranked countries with the most patents per capita over the last five years. The U.S. came in 3rd, behind only Taiwan and Israel.

This study confirms what those who work in the state already know: Oregon has a thriving technology culture. Oregon’s success in innovation and technology are no doubt due, at least in part, to Oregon’s impressive list of technology companies (large and small), its top-notch universities and colleges that encourage innovation, and, more generally, the strong entrepreneurial spirit of those that reside in the Pacific Northwest.

The Kempler study can be found here.