Below are questions commonly asked by our candidates.


How many positions are available?

We typically host 2-4 summer associates each year and encourage both first- and second-year students to apply.

What are the summer program dates?

We are flexible with regard to actual start and end dates to accommodate various law school schedules. Summer associates typically spend 10 weeks with the firm any time from May through August.

What does the interview process entail?

If asked to visit our office for an interview, candidates can expect to meet with 6-8 associates and partners, many of whom have a similar technical background. Candidates typically spend the morning in individual interviews, go to lunch with two attorneys, and wrap up the interview in the afternoon with our recruiting partner.

When do you make final hiring decisions?

We aim to make offers to second-year students in the early fall and to first-year students in February or March following spring OCI programs.

Is splitting my summer between Klarquist and another employer an option?

We allow for split summers on a case-by-case basis. Should we grant a split summer we ask that summer associates work with us for a minimum of six weeks.

What kind of dress code does the firm follow?

We strive to maintain a professional environment and ask summer associates to demonstrate that in their business casual attire. Professional looking jeans may be worn on Fridays, if desired.

How is work assigned to summer associates and is there a formal training program?

A partner will serve as a workflow coordinator to ensure summer associates are exposed to a variety of projects and practice areas. Additionally, each summer associate is assigned an associate “buddy” mentor to guide them through the internal workings of the firm.

What kind of social activities does the summer program offer?

Keeping in line with the firm’s focus on a balanced lifestyle, we offer a number of social activities each summer, including: “pitch and putt” golfing at McMenamin’s Edgefield Brewery and Pub Course, rafting the Deschutes River, the annual firm picnic, happy hour events, and several barbecues hosted by firm attorneys.