Klarquist Sparkman is best known for the clients we keep.
Freightliner since 1950
Harry and David since 1956
Oregon University System since 1977
Microsoft since 1991
Nikon Corporation since 1993
The National Institutes of Health since 1997
Amazon.com since 2000
Klarquist Sparkman enjoys low turnover of clients, employees, and attorneys. Klarquist Sparkman maintains global clients year after year with our excellent quality and service.


Klarquist Defeats Claims from Three Patents Asserted Against Mentor Graphics
Federal Circuit Affirms Dismissal for Lack of Standing of Walker Digital’s Claims Against Klarquist Clients Amazon.com and Zappos.com
2015 1L Diversity Fellowship
Klarquist Defeats All Patent Claims Asserted Against Client Microsoft
Klarquist Wins First Time Dismissal of Trademark Action in Pro Bono Case
Klarquist Attorneys Included in the 2015 Best Lawyers in America List

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Brief for Amici Curiae 35 Computer Science Experts in Support of Appellant in Microsoft Corp. v. United States, No 14-2985 (2d Cir.)
Brief for Amici Curiae Acushnet, Dell, eBay, Kaspersky Lab, Limelight Networks, Newegg, QVC, SAS Institute, and Xilinx in Support of Petitioner in Google Inc. v. Vederi, LLC, No 14-448 (Sup. Ct.)
Post-Grant Reviews and Their 9-Month Deadline Should be Considered Now
Portland Business Journal, Ask the Legal Professional, August 2014